Touching base, entry 2!

  Hello everyone!

    The time has officially came for post number two!! I’ve been so excited and waiting all week for this day to come! Now, I am posting to go into a little bit more into my personal life and professional life!

   There is a few things I need in my life to stay happy. That would be, my friends, music, and my passion. I have lot of fantastic  friends. Kara Knappenberger has been my absolute best friend since July 2012. We have our ups and our downs but I would die for her. Melanie Scholl and I have been super close since 2014 but we’ve been friends since 2012. She helped me find the calm side of me who loves to lay around and listen to music. Chris Castro and I have been friends on and off since 2012. We dated a few times but now we are closer than ever. He is someone I can go to when I need to talk or I just don’t want to be alone. Katie Tindall, Cassandra Schlotter, and Alyssa Sick have been my girls for a while now and I love them to death. They always pick on me and make me laugh. They make my day so much easier. Gen Goulet and Tate Hammer are very important to me because they bring out my more mature wanting to just hang around side and help me with my wrestling career. Tate is also my trainer. My cousin Jared Lincoln is another important person in my life, because do to my family problems I don’t have anyone that I am super close with as a relative… So we try to stay super close. Jared’s girlfriend Sabrina Maressa is my favorite girl. She reminds me to keep my head on straight and stay positive. I love that girl so much and I am beyond proud of her for everything she has ever done. Jordan Quinn is basically my sister. I ADORE her… and Emily Wood. They are my girls and I wouldn’t change them for the world…  (to make this more personal I’m typing the way I would say this out loud.)

     I am talking to a guy. He is so gorgeous. He lives a few minutes under an hour away but I love driving so it is okay. He has the most unique thought process and I just love listening to him talk. He has these big eyes that I could just stare at allllllllll day. He is beyond supportive of me in the ring and comes to most of my shows to see me do my thing. I couldn’t be more appreciative. I never take our time for granted because I truly believe I am the luckiest guy in the world.

    My week was pretty plain so I’ll talk about my show and post-show night. On Friday, I was working at this Stunt Studio, Sanctuary up in Hazelton where I had a Tag Team match with my partner Sonny Kiss against the Indy Card Mafia (My man rode up and came along with me). Which Sonny and I won! Sonny and I are the current Sanctuary Tag Team Champions… We won them in a tag team tournament in April. We do not plan on giving them up anytime soon.

   After the show, my man and I went to Sheetz and got wings and a pizza. After eating them we hung out for a bit, mind you it was 1 am. I have bad anxiety so I just talked to him about the thoughts that run through my mind and I started feeling better. After a good while of hanging out he left and went home. Sad sad moment. ):

     What am I doing right now? I am planning to go to Chicago in June to see Shimmer Women’s Wrestling. I am not sure whether I want to drive to Chicago or fly but I’m thinking I want to drive.

     Well I will continue digging deeper into my thoughts and expressing them into writing so you can learn more about me next week! I have to give you something to come back to! Hope you enjoyed this little entry. I will write more next Tuesday. :*Davey Crockett Jamie selfie Selfie tag champs


3 thoughts on “Touching base, entry 2!”

  1. Hey, I’m glad you’re talking to a nice guy! Keep your friends close to you because guys SUCK sometimes.

  2. AWWW, it’s so sweet that you call your friends ‘your girls’. You’re so lucky to have all these friends around you, and be able to do what you love! You just sound like a very fun person in general. Reading this made me really smile by how positive you sound, so, thank you for that! I’m really looking forward to seeing you write again!

  3. Thank you guys! I try to be as positive as I can be! I’ve had a life of negativity so my goal is to make everyone happy:)

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