11th May 2016

Everyone wonders or hopes for someone to give them the answers to life. Sorry to disappoint you all but the term “needle in a haystack” springs to mind! At the grand old age of 38 years (14,051 days or 38.46 years!) no-one has given me the answer.

I am going to throw it out there, asking a question that most likely won’t be right; “Describe who you think you are (honestly!)” then “Describe what your friends think of you?”. I could push this further and say ” Describe what you think people who are more acquaintances than friends REALLY think of you?”  Nine times out of ten what I think and what my firnds think and furthermore the acquaintances in my life all have completely different opinions of me.

When I was 7670 days old (20.99 years) the answers would be very different 6,381 days later. 

Children…have the ability to teach you true emotions, as a parent (mum-tbh the main carer by majority) every human emotion you can feel; your children test it. The emotions your children don’t test are those your partner/husband/boyfriend will make up for any shortfall! …Really did I just write that?…Again my naivety to be politically correct is apparent; what I meant to say is “have children in any relationship (married/unhappily married/separated/happily separated/divorced/happily divorced/single/happily single/widowed/happily widowed/or blatantly too young to understand the true concept of selflessness” 

Now if you are used to hearing the ramblings of a female or possibly want to attempt to understand the female mind then I’m your girl (or 38.46 year old woman) …..my story/life is never dull!

One thought on “11th May 2016”

  1. I really like how you count in days or decimals too. Well then, here’s the thoughts of a 15.8-year-old girl.

    I think I am a pessimist. A perfectionist at times. Yet, I’m also a huge procrastinator. I’m pretty dramatic when I’m truly myself and when I’m truly expressing my thoughts/feelings.

    My friends probably think I’m responsible (which I am to a certain extent), and a very easily disheartened/depressed person. Probably overly dramatic, with sudden “high” periods and other down-in-the-dumps periods.

    Acquaintances (which I feel I have a lot) probably think that I’m quiet and perhaps aloof sometimes. And that I’m not that into mainstream trendy things that most people like, and other things to do with social media (friends and family probably think this too) when in actual fact I literally spazz over some animes, certain mangas, a particular Korean actor and a certain new parody Kpop group BgA which is a collaboration between my favourite Youtube channels Wong Fu Productions and Nigahiga/RHPC.

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