I am one of those people with really weird aesthetics.

I don’t know what any of you deem to be pretty, cute, beautiful, or just worth looking at, listening to, or reading, but no matter what, your aesthetic probably isn’t as weird as mine. Honestly. So here’s a list of all the things you could find in my brain on a typical day when I’m supposed to be doing my practice tests.

Bright patterns. I don’t wear patterns, or bright colors, but I like looking at really strong, bold patterns like rainbow things, and quilts.

Sparkly, glittery things. I love sparkly things, although, like bright patterns, they’re mostly things I look at and appreciate but don’t wear. It’s part of the reason I like Christmas so much–you get an excuse to put sparkly things all over the house, and no one can complain about it.

Rainbow hair. I guess you could fit this under “bright patterns”, maybe, but I just love looking at photos of people with perfect neon hair. Rainbow hair is so pretty! But I could never get rainbow hair because first, my mom said she’d chop off all my hair if I dared to dye it while I was living under her roof, and second, I’m leery of dying my hair and looking weird–or worse, getting sick from the chemicals. I like platinum blond hair a lot, it looks so sleek and shiny and pretty.

Black clothes. I love wearing black. Not all black, just black. Mom says it’s too serious and morbid, but whatever, I like it. And I don’t even have too many black clothes at all. But anyway, my favorite color is black, which is one of the reasons my black pencil is the shortest in the set. (Also, I don’t get why liking black automatically makes you depressing.)

Lights. Lots of lights, colored lights, white lights, strings of lights, flashing lights, bright lights, dim lights! All of the lights. It’s another reason I love Christmas: you can string lights all around your house and no one will say anything. I actually like plugging in a string of Christmas lights when I can’t fall asleep…the colors and the way they spin on the walls makes me feel weirdly peaceful and happy. I love pretty lights, and candles, too.

Animals. Does this even count as an aesthetic though? Whatever. I love animals; I used to want to be a vet. I love animal-themed things too.

Pastel art. The sort of drawings that are done with no straight, hard lines, and colored with really light, soft, Eastery fluffy shades.

Black-and-white photos. I don’t know why, but some things just look better in black and white.

School uniforms. You know, the ones with sweaters and ties. Probably because of too much HP fanart.

Cursive/calligraphy. I have ugly handwriting but I aspire to someday have Tumblr/Instagram-worthy handwriting (which will never happen, as I have neither).

Stationery. Like, seriously, GIVE ME ALL THE CUTE STATIONERY. I love pencils and pens and notebooks…I keep wanting to buy notebooks but I stop myself because I know I won’t use them.

Cities. Do these count as “aesthetics”, even?! Anyway, they’re so wide and sprawling and noisy and crowded and forever bright and alive, and I love them.

And here’s a list of things I like that probably can’t be considered “part of an aesthetic”: Bus stations, snow, cracked ice, sleek new phones, Animal Crossing villagers, Dan and Phil (they’re both so nice-looking), and…oh, I can’t think of anything else. Weird.

Anyway. I had no idea what to write today and tomorrow (or the next time I post, seriously, I’m never on time) I’ll probably just write about one of the crazy dreams I’ve had recently. It was bizarre, but awesome, with a whole plot and everything like a movie.

So that’s it for today. Have a good Thursday/whatever, and stay chill.

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