Alone & Tired.

I am physically, mentally and emotional tired.  Basically I am tired of being the one who cheers up people when they’re sad because when I am the one in need of someone, nobody’s there to make me feel better. Everything suck at this point in my life. Everyday is another struggle, I’m doing my best to stay strong and in front of my family and my boyfriend I smile like everything is fine but in reality it’s not. I fight with my boyfriend a lot and sometimes I Think that we are not meant to be together because we’re so different from each other. My friends..where are they? they vanished. I don’t know maybe it’s my fault now that I am in a relationship…but I never abonded them I swear…They started hanging out without asking me to join them…In 7 months they never asked me to hang out  with them…I have no one to talk to…I’m tired of feeling alone..In house..everywhere I go I am alone and Tired.

One thought on “Alone & Tired.”

  1. I completely understand. Nothing is worse then feeling alone or trying to vent to someone and they are just like oh dang really. I feel the same way like i have no one! if you will like to share words on here… I’m all for it! you have me in cyber space lol although physical appearance is better but hey I’m here 🙂

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