Day 77 – Hemihypertrophy

Thursday, May 12th 2016

Today was meh. There isn’t any other word to describe it, really. It was full of good conversations though.

Day 2

1st Period (09:10-10:25)
Visual Arts
The teacher, person, I still don’t know what she is—you know what, I’ll just call her “the artist”. Anyway, the artist came in and showed us various techniques for painting. I wanted to paint the tenth Doctor, then decided to do the TARDIS and as I was getting my materials, The Prodigy was painting a Dalek, so that was a funny coincidence.

2nd Period (10:35-11:50)
More L’Avare and questions. I talked with the person who sits in front of me and we complained about being hungry, tired and not wanting to do the questions.

Lunch (11:50-12:50)
I sat with my closest friends and we talked about various things. I also asked them if they were available the 23rd for my birthday, when asked what I wanted, I didn’t know what, so The Prodigy whispered to Rainbow something and I just said “anything geeky” and she promised to get me something awesome. There was also these annoying guys banging on their end of the table. At least they stopped after a little more than five minutes.

3rd Period (12:50-14:05)
We continued our persuasive Animal Farm essay. Mine is looking good so far. I just gotta label some things and find a few words.

4th Period (14:15-15:30)
We started biology! Everyone was very excited with it, and so far I liked everything in science, so I didn’t care what we were doing, because I’d like it anyway. At some point, someone asked about why kids who are born from people who had relations and are in the same family are deformed, and it brought to the teacher telling a story of people who were far cousins ended up getting married, because of the small population (forgot which area). I noticed at that time that my parents are in fact, far cousins (very far, don’t worry) and I have a “deformation”. I got hemihypertrophy, which is the asymmetry of the body (which is annoying for me cause I like things symmetrical), but when I searched it up, apparently they did not find a cause for it. One of them is possibly genetics that I brought down to their children, but no one in my family has it, or at least I don’t think. Another is the deformation of gene 11. All I know is that apparently the side that is bigger than my other one will not stop growing, even after a certain age. I’m kinda afraid of that, now that I think about it. I look fine now, you barely see a difference in my body. My right arm is longer than the other, my leg is, my hip? (somewhere around there) is, my fingers are, my feet are, but the only noticeable thing is my thumbs, where one is wider and shorter than the other and has a shorter and wider nail than the other, even then people don’t notice unless you have them right next to each other. I don’t know why I’m rambling off on this, I guess it’s just that I could relate to the situation. But you know what’s the best feeling ever? Knowing that what I have is a rare occurrence, so I am one in thousands of people to have it! It’s so cool to be the rare one, even though it’s probably not a positive thing, but I like to make it into something positive.

After School
I came home and watched YouTube videos for a while, but wasn’t very happy doing it. I felt liked I couldn’t pull away though, it’s weird. Anyway, I corrected some of my math homework, but didn’t complete it (I’m going back to being comfortable and this isn’t good, cause it cost me my grades) and now I’m talking with my online friend and Kohai. I’m gonna try playing Minecraft with them some more.

That’s all for today.

LEGEND (names) :
Kohai : Best friend
The Prodigy : Close, artistic friend
Rainbow : Close friend that changes her hair colour almost every week and the colour of the name in the entry is her hair colour of the moment I wrote the entry.

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