Life is kicking my ASS!!

Thursday 5-12-16


Im not exactly sure where to start. I must say life is definitely kicking my ass right now. First i was in a car accident. A drunk driver hit me. Thank god I’m alive and doing well with all of my body parts. However, I’m assed out of a car now :'( The insurance paid the car off but no extra cash to buy a new one. Then i was in the hospital due to a blood clot in my ass smh. So thats more days of missing work. I get back to work the following week only to hear about the days that i have missed and who cares about my doctors notes in so many words. Who gives a fuck if i have been hit .. I’m missing too many days … thats whats important smh. Now I’m driving my dads car being that i don’t have a car of my own to drive anymore. He tells me ” take your time, you can drive my car for a while”. So I’m like ok cool! On day i wake up in the morning to take the kids to school and what i see… the back window busted out FUCK!!! My dad is all upset now and gets the windows fixed that same day. I go to Dallas for the weekend and come back Monday before work after my plane was delayed 9HOURS!! Thank god i made it to work on time or else i would have been fired! Just one thing after another. So i asked my dad can i use his car for work . … i could tell he didn’t want me too. Wednesday after dropping my kids off at school he tells me i need to find another way to work next fucking week! ugghhhh … Mind you my last car was in my sisters name so she’s driving the rental for no reason just because although i paid insurance and the car note from day 1. I don’t have a license i have to go back to my home state to clear that up which is in a month. I asked my mom can she rent me a car i will pay for it though. She say oh no i can’t do that i said why not I’m paying… because you have no license . i said ok will can you take me to work then until i go clear it up. She says i can take you but not every day!.. Thats where I’m stuck at now. At this point I’m like fuck everybody. I don’t understand why all this back to back shit is happening to me. i really cannot figure it out. i have been praying and thinking of way to get out of this funk. But my god nothing seems to work.. Im slightly depressed, emotional and angry! I just want to take car of my kids and go to work thats it! Now I’m ready to move and live my life without needing anyone. I ALWAYS have everyones back but no one seems to have mine unless its benefiting them some kind of way. Im just over everything… I’m trying my HARDEST  to smile and think positive and its just so hard for me to do that right now.

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