May 12 2016

Ah…today I am teary eyed.  Teary eyed and bleary eyed.  Just flat out exhausted I believe is the actual reason for this emotionalism…this sort of depressed state. This envy of every retired friend state!  

Had a lovely vacation visiting my friend out west.  My friend with the lovely perfect home with a pool…married to a well to-do man.  My friend who is my age and has not worked enough to draw her own social security.  My friend I pretend not to envy because after all I can stand on MY OWN two feet…ha, this week and today especially envy has been my deadly sin.  Let’s not even list the other six.  Anyhow she treated me like a princess and it was restful and swell but by the time the week was about over I was ready to go home and be me again.

And Saturday I got my wish. And for two days I was delighted, excited and enthralled to be back to my messy, messy, hectic, disorganized busy life.  But by yesterday I was exhausted and today I am tired but not exhausted as much as um, sad maybe? 

So anyhow after a week of seeing how the other side lives…I came home on Sat. afternoon. Sunday, Mother’s Day (our first without my dear sweet mom) I laid in bed till noon. Then around 2:00 I hastily ran the errands I needed to run and then popped on a bit of makeup and we went to my niece’s.  Her boyfriend cooked dinner and it was swell.  

Ah and then Monday I began this week…my week of 4 10 hour days so I can take off tomorrow for my brother’s surgery.  And of course I had a dinner commitment last night and just general life the two nights before.  So tomorrow is bro’s surgery.  Sat. is hometown BFF wedding (I’m maid or is that matron? of honor).  And so we go.  

Loving/hating working full time+ at 63!  Grateful, very grateful for the ability to do it even though every muscle/bone in my body was aching on the drive in!

2 thoughts on “May 12 2016”

  1. It’s so good to have you back! I can relate to your “messy, hectic” lifestyle. Bet it is not as messy as mine, though! I hope you can get some deep down rest and feel better.
    Let Him “restoreth thy soul.”

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