Hearing EVPs in Everything

I won’t go into a long account of my bizarre backstory, it’s already on my previous entries

and I won’t even go into if it’s paranormal or just the mind paying tricks

but either way, there is still DANGER to messing around with the paranormal or trying to investigate it, do ghost hunting, EVP, Quija Boards, etc…..and the stuff you see on ghost hunting tv shows

Although the voices I was hearing non-stop 24/7 (99% menacing and straight up evil), aren’t as bad now, I have gotten better at blocking them out, to teaching myself how to do this (and it’s not easy)

but still whenever I’m around a steady source of sound, like fans, engines, any machinery that makes a steady background noise, the voices still come out over it much stronger

you hear them and it’s like, is this real?, they’re so loud sometimes, like they jump out of the noise

this never happened to me before I started messing around with the paranormal

there’s some serious risk involved

I either have a spirit attachment(s) or I really sent my mind off in a twist here, I don’t feel ill at all though

I have my personal views, but what I wouldn’t give for one chance to do it all over again.




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