Horrible mistakes.

I was never the kind of girl who would cheat in a relationship or be dishonest but that one mistake changed my life, not for the better but for the worst.

They say time heals a broken heart but is that at all true? it’s been months since you decided to leave and here i am, still hoping for the day you decide to want me all over again. I can’t blame you for leaving, after all i was the one who cheated. Though i deeply regret it and i always  will. i believe you  did some wrong on your part too, making me feel worthless for the mistakes i made and for making me feel small for the choices i had done. No one is perfect not even you so how can you make me feel quite small? they tell me it gets better and people make mistakes but you seem to think differently and call me names from “bitch” to “slut” and even a “fuck up” i guess i deserve it but aren’t you as cruel as me for saying such hurtful things to the girl you supposedly love? love is painful but love has it’s way of working, i believe in time things will maybe open up and change but what if timing will never be right and i’ll never be yours?

i remember how you would call me princess as if it were my name, how we’d wake each morning laying side by side, people change and things happen for a reason but that’s no excuse for what i had done. Meeting you was fate but what about my actions? could i ever truly love someone if i can’t forgive myself for an honest mistake?

They say “once a cheater, always a cheater” but i know i would never, ever let myself get into that position ever again, to hurt someone like that i must be a sadistic.

I hope maybe one day you will see, how much i regret this horrible decision of cheating.

I will love you with all my heart and i will never forget you.

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