Playing Army in the United States Reserves

I truly do not understand how hard it is for the Military or more precisely, the NCO’s appointed above myself to answer a simple message regarding when, where and what Uniform we are supposed to arrive to Duty in.

Considering I have a 2-hour drive to make it to Fort Meade on time, I would think letting those people know a day ahead of time would be a priority.  It has come down to the fact that I have sat in the Parking Lot at my Unit for hours on end since someone decided to give me the wrong time and that just isn’t going to happen anymore. 

I would rather take a “U” and maybe a counseling statement than have to worry about how much gas, time and money I am putting into these worthless Battle Assemblies. 

Yes, we do have a lot going on with them this upcoming weekend however, that is none of my concern anymore.  I am an E-4 with a year and a half left until I become eligible to move into the Inactive Reserves. Therefore, I do not care what happens until then.  I love the Military and what it has given me as a person, however it has seemed to head down this slippery slop since arriving at this Unit many years ago. 

There was only one Supply Sergeant who was kind enough to give me a heads up was SSG Caban-Mendez who is no longer with us since he was transferred closer to home.  Ever since he departed, the new NCO’s have read my messages but continue to ignore there existence as if they were never sent.  Luckily for them, I save these messages to allow myself the back-up to show the First Sergeant just in case they decide to chew my ass out.

I ma not a ‘bad’ Soldier, nor am I a blue falcon.  I am just tired of being screwed over in the bigger aspects of these things all things aside.  I am a Junior NCO, therefore the responsibility should not fall upon my shoulders, rather those appointed over me who are supposed to be giving me orders and making sure I do these such orders. 


Now, I have seen it many times where the NCO’s will ignore my message but have no issues replying or sending out messages to other Soldiers.  I do apologize for having one of the longest drives to the Unit and therefore, do not need my time wasted in doing so.  If the NCO’s would get on top of their game, we would not have an issue and maybe Junior Enlisted such as myself, wouldn’t count down the days, months and years until they are finally free of the Military’s bullshit. 

Even regretting enlisting…

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