You could have chosen anybody but you chose me. You could have had it easy, all roses and rainbows, but you chose to fight the cold war around my heart. And I know that somehow you knew it’s gonna be hard. For me, I knew it’s gonna be a battle, one which is hard to win. Even from the first time that I looked at you in the bus, you looked like trouble to me. I loved it. We all seem to have some kind of garden with beautiful roses, but always, there is always going to be that one rose we love the most. It might not be the most beautiful, or have the most beautiful smell, it may have more thorns than any other rose in your garden. But still, you love it the most. It’s simple, no matter how much it hurts, you want to keep it beautiful just the way it is, because in some way it’s special. And people may visit your garden, see all of the roses and not even notice the one you love the most. And even then you will try to convince them of her beauty. You will succeed, and do you know why? Because, if you love something truly, your heart will describe it in a special way. From another perspective, with deep words, deep breaths, and lots of sparkle in your eyes. That’s the way I see him, God knows how special he is to me. He deserves it, because he planted life into me. I bet you wonder what I mean with this. Well, today my day started normally kind of, nothing special, nothing worth remembering. Same morning routine, same life routine, until…Until we met. We were together not for so long, but it was enough for my body to fill with hope, to feel life again. Although we were always in the same cafe, every time, I loved it. I loved him. How he hugged me, what I felt weren’t butterflies, those were sparks. Sparks of hope, love, belonging. Cause I felt like I belonged to him, more than I belonged to myself. This feeling I will never ever regret in my life, those emotions were so real, it still gives me shivers. Today we joked around again, and I felt so comfortable, as if I know him for years, as if he is a friend..And if you know me, you know that friends were something I never had. With him, I was not afraid to say what I really meant, he understood. It was all perfect, when I was with him. Soon I had to leave. My battery was empty so my phone turned off. I went to the bus station knowing that a bus should come very soon, but, eventually no bus came. Maybe it was some kind of fate, because I know that one particular bus always comes at that time, and I usually go home by that bus, but today.. nothing. I sat down on a wooden bench, there were some people there too, but they were all too tired to even look around. My phone was off, nobody there knew me, nobody asked me anything. I just sat there, I didn’t think about whether my parent would call me or if they were worried. I just didn’t, I loved the fact that they couldn’t reach me, even for a moment, even if I was just sitting on a bench near the road. Some kind of silence was present, but still there was noise, calm noise. I looked up at the distant blue sky, it was so beautiful although it was raining, the sun still somehow found a way through. White pigeons were flying around, in circles, forming some kind of figures, parting and then uniting again. My heart was filled with emotions, I enjoyed the moment so much, and I knew it was because of him. The bus came eventually and I got in. Even the bus ride was unbelievable, the sun was going down, the clouds were touching at some parts and on the other they looked as if they are running from each other. It felt like somebody used the sky to paint something incredible, something so simple and so easily spotted, but so unique and heart warming. As I got out of the bus, for the first time I decided to walk home. You wouldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it, nobody called me, nobody was searching for me. Only nature and I, and God, alone. I didn’t really have to say a word, us three, we understood each other. Love guides us. No matter what the ending is, love is worth every suffering, because love is something unobtainable, you can only give but you can never take love. That’s the strongest power it has. In those moments, life was good again, I felt my blood warming up, my face getting color, and my bones waking up. All, because of him. God knows what goes through my body and soul when I see him smile, it’s all pure, childish. And I, I could have chosen anybody but I chose him, cause to me he is the only person who is perfect just the way he is. And I really never want him to change. Nobody can compare to him, nobody can surpass the way his hands touch my skin, the way his lips make love to mine, and the way his mind connects with mine. We were the same, no matter how different we looked. I can say, today.. was a beautiful day in my life. I was happy, even if only for today. I cherished every second, every moment, pictures of today are hidden deep in my mind, and I will come back to them from time to time. This whole day, just smelled like roses. Wild, passively beautiful, forever. 

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