The little fish

There was a fish, that lived in the deepest darkest part of the ocean floor, it had never seen light before. Then one night he did, he swam closer to it, excitedly. Lo it was a scarier fish’ lure and the little fish realized this a little too late, getting bitten and almost eaten by the scarier fish. The little fish swam away as fast as he could, and eventually got away. The little fish, out of harms way, was bleeding a little bit, which attracted a big shark. The little fish didn’t know what the shark was, and couldn’t see anything, still in the darkest parts of the ocean, but was brushed up against by the shark. The little fish was scared even more by the shark than by the scary fish, and tried to run. The shark bit down, and trapped the little fish just for a moment, biting through the top part of the little fish’ tail fin. The shark opened it’s mouth for a moment, assured that the little fish was gonna be eaten, but then by instinct, as fast as he could, the little fish darted out of the sharks’ mouth. The little fish swam faster than it ever had it’s entire life, ultimately getting away from the shark. 


But tired, bleeding, hungry, and having a damaged tail fin, the little fish sank to the sea floor, losing life, he filter fed himself his last meal. Strong little fish, but ultimately not strong enough to survive.


This is how I feel about life right now.

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