I thought I was in trouble when my teacher bent down to tell me something. I was literally shaking while she was speaking and all I heard was mumbling. I don’t know what she asked me but I replied with “yeah” and then she went “oh ok! thats ok!” and left. My fingers were twitching and I for some reason was really afraid of what was going to happen next. I got really cold withing a a few seconds after my teacher talked to me. I felt like some of the kids were talking about me because I glanced up and saw them looking at me and talking. When I made eye contact my teeth started chattering and I immediately looked back at my hands on my desk. Then the bell rang and I let a out a little screech. Everyone stopped and stared at me for at least two seconds but it felt like two minutes.  I’m so embarrassed. 

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  1. Sounds like you dissociated. You should go see a doctor if it keeps happening. I have similar experiences in social situations. For future reference, it’s best to later ask people what they said after you have calmed down. They usually don’t mind repeating it.

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