A bad news

Today is not so good.. a member of our group chat.. had undergone an operation and she had an amnesia.. but maybe it’s only short term memory loss.. I don’t know how long will it take for all of her memories to come back.. we just found out this morning.. her cousin told us using her account.. and it definitely surprised me.. she didn’t told us about it that night before.. she doesn’t want us to worry.. I have known her for just less than a month.. and we bacame so close since then.. she is such a good person.. I can tell.. though I don’t know her personally.. 

When I found out about it earlier.. at first I was in denial of the news.. I don’t want to believe it though I know deep inside that it could’ve been true.. because she had an accident.. but I thought that wasn’t that bad.. the news made.me terribly worried in an instant.. my heart was beating fast and my hands were shaking.. when her cousin confirmed it.. tears started falling.. yes.. I don’t know her personally.. and I’ve known her only through the group chat and and for only a short period of time.. but we bacame so close already..

I found out from her cousin that before her operation.. she made a memory jar.. and that there is one note with my name in it.. saying.. “(my name) i don’t know her personally but i love her already.. she’s my daughter^^” that’s what the note says..  we were so close already.. i call her “mommy” and i find it funny coz I’m a year older than her.. when I read it.. tears even came rushing.. and we have the same name.. we find it funny before.. our other gc members gets confused.. we call each other by our names.. but now I call her mommy.. 

So her cousin updates us throughout the day.. when she woke up.. she couldn’t remember anything.. she got frustrated maybe and kept on forcing her memories to come back.. but probably got tired and rested.. and when she woke up again.. her cousin told us.. that she remembers us already.. but there is one person left that she couldn’t remember.. her boyfriend.. whom she really love.. her boyfriend doesn’t even have an idea what happened to her.. and I don’t think they want the guy to know.. they were mad at him.. because their relationship had caused too much pain to her already.. and they don’t want her to feel that pain anymore.. I know.. they truly love each other.. but it feels like destiny doesn’t want to cooperate.. and it ‘s so tragic.. I feel so sorry for them.. Earlier…she came back to our gc already.. I know that she couldn’t remember us completely.. coz she’s a bit different.. she asked me who nicko is.. (her boyfriend) but I told her I have no idea.. yes.. I lied.. I feel terribly guilty.. I want to tell her the truth.. but her cousin asked me a favor earlier.. to not to mention nicko to her.. they don’t want her to remember him.. they are her family.. they just want what they think is good for her.. so I couldn’t object.. though I wanted to somehow..  and I feel so guilty lying to her.. 

When she asked me who nicko is.. and I told her I had no idea.. she said that whenever she looks at the photo of that guy.. she feels different.. she said.. she feels that that guy must be special to her.. like he had been a great part of her life.. when I saw that.. I wanted to tell her how right she is.. that though her mind cannot remember her heart never forgets.. I feel so bad lying to her.. Coz she really wants to know.. and I feel so sorry for the guy too.. 

I was really praying for her full recovery ASAP.. I know… she still couldn’t remember us fully.. even me.. I can feel it.. but I understand.. I will patiently wait for her full recovery and trust the rest to Him above.. 

Can I ask for your prayers too guys?? I really do believe in the power of prayers and in His greatness.. so your prayers will be such a great help.. so thanks in advance.. thanks a lot.. ^^ but if you can’t still it’s OK.. thanks for reading this entry.. ^^

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