Hearing Voices from Doing EVP : cont….




  I feel like my mind is under siege.  On some days, my thoughts are a scrambled mess.  I am not sure if these malevolent earthbound spirits are slipping thoughts into my mind or if it is rather a side effect of this sort of extreme intrusion, and an extreme intrusion is certainly what it is.  These evil spirits basically attached themselves to me, to my life in a most extreme way.  Their constant demotivating and criticizing chatter is ceaseless.  With time, I am getting better at blocking it out, or at least the content, but their barrage of insults, threats and criticisms is constant and relentless.  They no longer have physical bodies on this plane of existence,(if they ever did) so they do not become worn out or tired quite so easily as one in physical form here on Earth. They can keep up a constant barrage of voices.

The physical sensations and disturbances that they cause me continue. One night this past week, they hit me particularly bad. I wasn’t sure if I was asleep or awake, it’s almost as if I were in some state in between, but they kept up a constant barrage of voices and physical disturbances on my body through out the night, mostly in the form of intense vibration sensations and slight stings.  I know from past experiences that they have they ability to enter and mess with my dreams.  This is not a tactic that they have been utilizing with me recently, but there was a phase of my oppression about a year ago when they would do this quite often. I have never been one to remember my bad dreams very often, but there were several weeks in a row last year where I remember having these disturbing nightmares serveral times a week. These nightmares would usually pertain in some way as well, to the situation that I was dealing with in my life at the time, with these oppressing earthbound spirits. I remember hearing their all too famililiar voices laughing at me, both within my dreams and the very moment I awoke in a panic.

  The nights are still a struggle.  A common tactic of these negative earthbound spirits seems to be to disturb the sleep routine of their victims. My own spirit attack began for me after I had been dabbling with EVP (the Electronic Voice Phenomenon) for two months (January and February) in 2015.  For the first month I was hearing nothing but kind and benevolent voices on my recordings. Then things changed quicky in February and I began to hear negative and malicious voices on my recordings. By the end of February, I began hearing these malevolent voices out side of the recordings with just my naked ears. At this point I realized that I had made a terrible mistake ever messing around with this stuff and that I had gotten myself in way over my head, but it was already too late. I had already opened up a clairaudience perception to hear these tormenting voices and there seemed to be nothing I could do at the time to make it all stop.  In fact, the nightmare was only just beginning.

 In March (2015) the disturbing physical sensations started. It started with being awoken in the morning by feeling an intense vibration sensation on my body. Then at night, when I first went to bed, I started to feel what I can only describe as a finger literally coming up out of the matress and poking me in the lower back. I would jump out of bed and go do something for a little bit, but as soon as I crawled back into bed, it would start back up again. Some nights I couldn’t get to sleep for hours. This began to quickly take it’s toll on me. I became more panicked, but also tired and worn down throughout the day which only served to enhance the effects that these disturbing and escalating experiences were having on me.

  Though much has changed in my own situation since it all started in early 2015, these attacking spirits are still using some of the same tactics from their bag of tricks. Messing with my sleep has been something they have always pursued throughout the length of my oppression thus far. I do have to take a sleep aid most nights, which often doesn’t work quickly enough for my liking which sometimes leads me to take more than the recommend dose.  I found that the effects of these sleep aids lingers around for a bit in the morning (most likely because I’m taking more than I should.) Some mornings it feels like I have a mild hangover. There has also been numerous occassions where for whatever reason, I had no sleep aid on hand. There have been many nights when these spirits have kept me awake all night long with their non-stop chatter and the physical sensations that they cause. This would have the obvious effect of making me tired and worn down the next day at work. These malevolent spirits are all about doing things that fouls up the basic routine of your day to day life and they are very relentless and clever in how they go about doing this.

  I certainly realize that not everyone who dabbles in spirit communication gets hit with type of intrusive spiritual attack that I have been living with for the past year and a half now, but I do know that a percentage of people who endeavor in this area are extremely vulnerable. These malevolent earthbound spirits are masterful in weaving deceptions that will lure their target into letting their guard down. They will access the best ways and means of gaining your trust and getting you into a state where they can manipulate you.  I’ve heard them say “we lift you up to take you down” and that is exactly what they do. Somethings we just weren’t meant to mess around with. The ancient decrees against it were there for a reason. It would seem the ancients knew much that we seem to have forgotten in this day and age when “ghost hunting” is shown on television shows as something fun and exciting, that anyone could take up as a hobby on the weekends. The reality is, it’s playing with fire in a very big way and you may not know if you’re one of those who is mostly likely to get burned until it is too late. When malevolent spirits latch onto you, they intrude into your life beyond anything you could ever have before imagined.

 Perhaps I seem like a debby downer about all of this, but with so much out there in the media showing the perception about how exciting “ghost hunting” can be, (which will undoublty influence some people) then people who have experienced the darkside of it all should also (if they choose) share their own experiences.  I admit that I was naive and stupid as hell when I was dabbling with EVP, but I wish I had read or heard somewhere that it could lead to a day to day psychosis like condition of hearing voices and feeling things, and just feeling that your life had been intruded upon down to the most personal levels. If I had read some accounts of this, I probably would hopefully never have messed around with trying to communicate with spirits at all, and if I did, well, at least I was in a position to make a better informed decision. But I can’t go back and do it over now, I opened up a door to something malevolent here and I’ve got to find the strength within myself to prevail and carry on with life, but it’s a struggle I wish I never brought upon myself by messing with spirit communication.

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