Wk 3: Day 16 Saturday

Last week I wrote about my experience of going on a night out with friends completely sober and how it affected my interaction skills. To compare and contrast this I have decided to go out tonight and consume alcohol. I will then record my experience with socialising on alcohol compared to being sober. 

The night started at mine with pre drinks again except this time I was able to join in with the drinking games and drunken rambles. Once we were all pretty drunk we headed off to the city. My mood was staggeringly higher in spirits and excitement compared to last week when I was sober. The affects of alcohol were definitely showing as I would talk to randoms passing by on the streets and act silly with my friends. I didn’t care what anyone thought unlike last week where I struggled to even dance due to embarrassment that I might be really bad. Alcohol gave me the confidence to have a care-free fun night with my friends and have no worries in the world. I guess this is why we all indulge in alcohol when we get the chance. It’s a way of forgetting about all the stressful components surrounding us in the real world.

The next morning was definitely a struggle getting up compared to last week. I had the expected heart palpitations and trembling body. My anxiety levels were through  the roof as I tried to calm myself down by drinking water. My appetite was significantly lowered, most likely due to the anxiety. All in all I did not feel good at all. 

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