March 15 2016

Its been two months.. since I met my first internet best friend.. we only met through group chat.. and I didn’t knew then that we will soon be internet best friends.. March 15 2016.. that was the day we started talking or chatting aside from our gc.. I messaged him coz I accidentally removed him from our group chat.. and I don’t know what to do.. coz he might think that I did it on purpose.. so I apologized to him on our gc and through pm.. so that’s how it all started.. 

From then on.. we became friends.. he started to share his life.. his story.. his problems.. deepest frears.. likes and dislikes.. who he is.. even his worst experiences.. that he had been hiding.. he didn’t just said that he trusts me so much.. but he also makes me feel like it.. though we don’t know each other personally..

As days pass I got to know him even more.. I don’t trust him that much at first.. though he said that I am the only person that he tells his problems and secrets to.. coz of course like I said.. we don’t know each other personally.. but I realized.. that doesn’t even matter.. I can tell he is a good person.. 

We talk for like everyday.. but I remember.. there had a time that I didn’t talked to him for like 2days.. coz he didn’t listened to me.. but I wasn’t really that mad at him.. coz I know that what I’m asking him is not easy.. but it for his own sake..

We promised each other.. that someday.. we will meet.. and we will make it happen.. he said that he will search for me.. it made me laugh though..

I also have 2 other internet best friends.. we also met through gc.. and that was also our goal.. to meet someday.. together with the other members of our gc that we bacame close with.. that would be so great.. I can’t wait til it happens.. I am so glad that I’ve met them.. 

I never thought I will find best friends through Facebook.. through group chats.. they became such a great part of me already.. they always will.. 

So this is it guys.. thanks for reading.. 

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