The guy with the Twilight Princess eyes

So I have a major older guy crush on this guy I know. I’ve known him for about two years now. When he met me he thought I was older. Then I opened my mouth and he realized I was 18 at the time (I’m 20 right now, turning 21 in August).  He’s 28, he has bright blue eyes and black curly hair. He thinks I’m pretty, but also too young and immature, for his standards anyway.

But he’s also insanely picky.

Real big “everything nerd”. Into EVERYTHING nerdy. Loves the Cthulhu lore. H.P. Lovecraft etc. Anything nerdy, he likes it. He has kind of a know it all attitude but its very mild. Very laid back, usually in a good mood, loves coffee, says “Malk” instead of “Milk”… *shudders*

I’m a huge gamer. I prefer the classics, but I love everything. But between the Microsoft and Sony war, I’m a bystander. I’m #teamNintendo. Legend of Zelda is my all time favorite game series. Recently Undertale on steam has taken my heart but that’s for another day…

Anyway, even though my insane attraction to him is obvious, I don’t push for it, and he’s not weirded out by it. So were friends. He thinks I’m too young to hang out with, so I visit his work place a bit and bug him there. We also text a bit. But I’m not crushing on him because he’s hot and nerdy. From what he’s shown me of himself, he’s sweet and really nice. 

Sometimes I have the worst panic attacks or I’m just feeling depressed and he’s there. He tells me not to hesitate to talk to him and actually gives a shit. He responds to me in paragraphs, not babying me, but reminding me things will get better and sometimes telling me about his own experiences with life and how he handled them. He tells me I’m not a bad person, that I’m just too trusting. Recently I was waiting from my dad to pick me up from the mall and he saw me waiting and asked if I was stranded and offered me a ride home. When I told him my dad was coming, he asked if I was sure about twice and said to let him know if I needed a ride home.

One day they had handmade wooden roses by where he worked and I told him how pretty they looked and he goes over and asks how much for a rose and the stand owner says a dollar. He pulls out a dollar and says “I’ll take one for the lady.” And he turns around to me and smiles and asks “Color preference?”.

Once I put on my facebook that I was a “Literal piece of garbage” and he commented, “You are a piece of *Insert my name here*. Nerdy and full of creeper face, with a pinch of Kawaii.”

We were walking through a toy store on near his job while he was on break and I told him about Vocaloids since we saw a couple of Pop! figures that were modeled after them. I guess he could tell I liked them a lot because he surprised me with my favorite one later.

I like to see him smile so I’m always making goofy faces around him. I’m glad I can make him laugh. He’s just really nice and is someone I feel cares about me and doesn’t like to see me upset.

He’s been a really good friend and I really wouldn’t change that for anything. 


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  1. To much anime my friend too much anime! I’ve stopped watching High-school Anime they mess with your head.

  2. And you are my Favorited Author from now on!

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