These thoughts!


They say everbody has their own different thinking.
And yet all we do is convincing!
Convincing othere why we are right!
Or sometimes we keep that to ourselves and write!
Write these feelings in a book,
Yes, that book at which no one will ever look!
Some of us just go on a walk
Alone or with their feelings to talk
Science says we humans have massive brains!
But still it always fail in resisting our pain!
Do you believe, there would be a day when others will understand your thoughts?
Or they will continue binding you in their meaningless knots?
Do you believe in the power of feelings?
Do you believe whatever happens to you has a meaning?

Not all will think the same!
Even though they all are standing in the identical frame!

Sorry, today I got only questions to rhyme!
Because recently they just captured my mind!

So, Your thoughts depend on the people around you?
Maybe, you just hope they have the same vision too?
Or you just continue to neglect your heart?
Because today’s world is the mastermind’s bodyguard!

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