Time flies!

Woops! I accidentally neglected my journaling. Back on it now! So, I’ve been trying to keep up. Getting to the gym at least a couple times a week and at least attempting to mind my eating habits. Had a little snaccident with a chocolate bar… It was organic though so it was a happy snaccident. 😛 

I’ve been so tight on cash lately that I’ve really been having trouble feeling great about certain things. Like my wardrobe hasn’t had a purge of old and injection of new in like a really long time. So I treated myself yesterday and my gosh am I so thrilled. I finally have things to look forward to wearing! It’s funny how we don’t notice that our day starts off poorly because we’re not really feeling great in what we put on. I feel like this is generally a female issue, guys honestly don’t seem to care. Fucking fashion magazines. Haha. But now, I have a great new pair of jeans and 7 new AMAZING tops that I’m so excited about. Now just to keep up the gym and healthy(er) eating and take care of my jiggles. 

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