University Guy had an Awesome day!

Today was a one of the best day of my life. All the doubts I had about the tutorial
that I’ve been making have been erased.

Woke up at 11:30 am. Ate breakfast got ready and went to the meetup that was going
to be held today at “Dabistan-e-Iqbal” the name for the meetup was “Lahore lean
startup”, this was their 5th meetup.

When the meetup started everyone started introducing themselves, more then 90 percent
people there had their own small companies, websites and startups and were twice my

When it was my turn I introduced myself with the following words:
“Asalam O Alaikum! My name is Muhammad Bin Naeem and I’m a student of IT from Punjab
University currently in forth semester. I don’t have any startup or anything big like
you all do, but I have a YouTube channel named Tech Buddies and we make educational
videos in Urdu because, you see, whenever I open YouTube Pakistan the top videos are
either songs or movies or content with sexual content or videos with nudity. When I
saw this on YouTube I thought that why is it like this and then, I realized that
there is very little or no educational content available in Urdu and that is why I
started this channel.”

Introduction went well and then the formal session started CEO s from different
companies came on stage presented there softwares, products, introduced there
services and told us about the different phases they had to pass through to reach the
point they were on, at this time. There was also a session about Unity 3d and time

Nothing had happen so far but after the session ended everything changed for me.

After the end of session tea was served to everyone, during this time everyone was
approaching and talking to people of their interest, talking about the things they
could collaborate on, ideas they could work together on, and things like that. A guy
who was more then twice my age approached me. I remembered that he was the creator of
a website for booking Umrah and he told everyone in his presentation that, he had sold
over 3 Million worth of Umrah tickets last month on his website. Well, he approached me
and said “Do you have any plans of including anything religious in you educational
channel?” I started explaining him the ideas I had about religious content, he
interrupted me and said “No I’m asking do you have any plans of including material
relating to religion”,nearly the same thing again! I again started to explain my ideas.
He then interrupted me again and finally he said what he really intended “Are you going
to earn form your channel”. I realized my mistake.

This guy was trying to know that whether I was making the videos also with the intention
to earn. It took me more then 5 minutes to realize his intention. I should be careful
in the future, I was too slow this time.

I told him yes, I have plans for making money from it, but to tell you the truth, by this
time I had already made a bad impression by taking up his 5 minutes, this is the reality.
This will be a lesson for forever.

After I replied he said that he was looking for a platform to advertise his services and
that he will take a look at my content. He took my number and gave me his. He told me
that he would call me after he takes a look at my content. I believe he won’t call, I took
me 5 minutes, 5 whole minutes!

After he went away I realized that I don’t have much content on the channel yet. Bummer!

Then another guy approached me and he asked the same questions, thanks to Allah, this time
I knew what I had to say.

Soon after he left, we went outside for a group photo and then after the photo another
guy approached me. This guy had an office in Arfa Technology park and his company provided
Software solutions. He was an awesome guy he told me that when he was a student he had also
worked for the same cause I am working for.

He gave me many awesome advice’s, he told me about the content, how I could earn, how I can
get more audience,how I can find out what the audience wants and much more stuff.

He then gave me his number and told me to come visit him in Arfa technology. I told him that
I would gladly come.

I also told him about all the problems we are facing with the content and he gave excellent
advice. He then told me about the nature of his work.

In the end I told him that I would come to his office soon for, future advice, and guidance.

In the end it was an awesome day.

I believe it all became possible because I have been offering my prayers lately and I offered
Tahajat last night and prayed for success. Not offering prayers doesn’t bring any worldly
harm but offering prayers brings blessing.

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