I only sold three books and took an order (unpaid) for one more which I will mail to her.  One of the sales was to my wonderful Mom who showed up at the bazaar and bought a book “for a gift for someone.” Wow, I was so glad to see her after about an hour of people passing by, glancing at the books without stopping.  But I am happy with my 3 sales.  It will be four if the recipient of my book sends me a check.  Otherwise that book will be a sort of tithe-thing.  In the afternoon  (I left the bazaar after 4 hours) I got to go walking with my daughter in the park while the boys were swinging and playing on the equipment.  We walked around this large, very large, LARGE circle about seven times!  I actually lost a little weight according to the scales this a.m.  Yesterday was a good day.  Could’ve sold more books, but didn’t, so…..it’s all good.  I’m thankful today.

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  1. I think it’s so so amazing that you’ve written your own book! It doesn’t matter how many people buy it–it’s already awesome that you’re a published author, someone I envy quite a lot 🙂 But I still hope more people take an interest in your book soon, I know it’s great!

  2. (Smile) No, nuffin like it! My mom showing up was a pleasant surprise, too.

    To Pretty in Black — my two books were sort of self-published. So nothing to be envious of there. But I do think they are good. Wish you could read one and tell me!
    Thanks for your comment.
    I am considering typing a chapter on to here one day.

  3. Add a chapter here whenever you want…we will read it! I am glad to here your thankfulness even though you didn’t make a lot of sales, girlfriend you were out there! Woo/hoo. Also a sidebar here, peacock blue polish sounds lovely!

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