What are apprenticeships?

In this day and age, education and employment is changing. Gone are the days when FE and HE was the only option for the bright and gifted. Nowadays, through the efforts of training providers academies are opening offering a new educational and training intervention for the working world. Young people have getter control and choice of their futures opting to follow the once traditional academic route into employment or to find a personally rewarding apprenticeship pathway where earning and learning is coupled with kicking starting their careers. With more and more apprenticeships being designed and made widely available, young people now have getter choice in which career to enter and pursue. These are exciting times and not just for the young, employers now have access to services to help resource young people to fulfil apprenticeships that they consider will benefit their business. Employers can assess skills gaps in their workplace and where they struggle they can fill the void with new recruits willing to commit to the learning process to secure a career. Employers can working closely with apprenticeship advisors to advertise and resource potential young talent and to partner with providers to have a useful accessible resource of free training to support the learning and development of existing younger staff members. An employer can now have a dedicated service to turn too as and when new staff members come on board needing free and fully funded training or if they have a requirement to source a younger team members through the providers free recruitment service.

Learning and development doesn’t need to be to a privately budgeted matter and just an inhouse corporate responsibility.

If your are an employer wanting an apprentice or free training then turn us as your provider of choice.

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