Day 80 – Relaxing day

 Sunday, May 15th 2016

Today was great. Woke up around 9:30 and didn’t go to church, cause my parents weren’t feeling well. I started a Bible study instead about if animals go to heaven (got the idea by savedbygrace) and if we will forget our memories on Earth. So far, the Bible does not say whether animals go to heaven or not and about memories, there are a few suggestions that you’d forget your troubles, but if the troubles strengthen the glory of God, like the crucifixion for example, then they won’t or shouldn’t be forgotten.

Other than that, played a ton of Minecraft with my online friend and little with Kohai. I also played a bit of Dark Souls III. Difficult, but fun.

I planed on doing some homework, but I didn’t finally. For French I didn’t have my book with me, math I wasn’t in the mood and I have tomorrow anyway, then art I need to look at my painting before writing a text.

Currently watching Mission Impossible where Tom Cruise was hanging on to a flying plane. I’m impressed by his stunts.

That’s all for today.

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