Inducing Lactation

This wasn’t part of my new journey but found out today that it is a welcomed addition. I have lactated in the past (breastfed my youngest) but stopped a little over a year ago. I decided to re-lactate recently for the yearning to have an ANR. The new man in my life is very excited to have me producing milk, but in more of a kinkier way lol. I’m happy to accommodate him however he wishes, because in the end I am getting to use my breast as they were intended, milk production. I’ve even thought about looking into “milk banks” and seeing if I can donate. After breastfeeding my youngest I’ve seen first hand all the wonderful benefits breast milk gives an infant. Not saying formula isn’t good enough (I didn’t breastfeed my oldest, just formula) I just would like to provide natures natural nutrition to mom’s who need it. 

So back to this inducing, the first few days weren’t bad. I’ve been doing hand massages, hand expression, and using a TENS unit. I didn’t have any noticeable changes, but new they would soon become apparent. 

As of yesterday my breast’s feel slightly heavier, sore, and tender. Today they’re the same with the added achiness that never goes away. I’m still using the TENS unit but have added pumping into the mix. I haven’t seen or felt any milk or liquid yet, I’m not expecting any this soon. I know it takes time for the body to respond to what it’s being asked to do. It takes longer to respond without being pregnant. I know it’ll happen in time, just gotta get past the sore achy boobs lol. 

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