woke up late got paycheck

Tpday I wass scheduled to be at work at 5 but I showed up at 5:10. I woke up as soon as Tyanna came in the door at 4:40. I got ready in about 5 minutes. When I got to work. There wasnt really much to do. I rolled silverware. I messed up on an order then shontel told me to take a break. I went to the other side of the store and closed with danielle. I had a table of people I really liked. I made 70 something in tips altogether tonight.  Hulio took me home so I rode with him and danielle. I gave him 5 dollars. He wants to get together and be my boyfriend but I dont really know about that. I am attracted to Colin and I still think about joseph often. Joseph deleted his facebook page. 

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