April 17 2016

That’s the date i met my 3rd internet bestfriend.. i want to write it here coz i don’t want to forget it.. that was the day he joined the gc.. and he messaged me.. i could clearly recall it all.. 

Starting that day he always greet me good morning.. he missed twice.. because he is having trouble with the signal.. since they moved.. or he had a problem.. but he wouldn’t tell me.. 

I can tell him anything.. but he is so unfair.. he doesn’t tell me his problems.. because he doesn’t want me to be sad..well he did told me few of his problems.. when they are about to move.. maybe it was.. 2 days before they leave.. 

He is such a good person.. he doesn’t want anyone to be sad.. he will always try to cheer me up though deep inside he is also sad.. he does make me laugh.. he always try to.. 

Whenever i ask him about his problems.. his answer will always be nothing.. or he wouldn’t answer me.. so sometimes i just change the topic whenever i feel like he doesn’t want to talk about it.. or i would just joke him and try to make him laugh.. 

Whenever i ask him if he is sad or what he always try to deny.. or he will answer but when i ask why.. he will just answer ‘nothing’.. then sometimes if i keep on insisting.. he will leave me hanging.. he would never tell me.. or.make me feel that he is also sad.. as possible..

Tha’s what i like and what I hate the most in him.. coz I want to be there for him too.. coz he’s always been there for me too.. but he wouldn’t let me.. and I find it unfair.. so I always try to make him happy too.. as much as possible.. 

so that’s it guys.. thanks again.. 

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