Him, my beautiful fantasy

I just don’t let anyone do something for me in my life even I don’t like to take gifts,don’t know why?But I guess I don’t deserve anyone’s care but you are the one who is doing for me daily. I told you not to but sometimes, aggressively you do! for me? and you are so precious to me that not my words but nothing is enough to return your care for me. Even me don’t give favors to myself but you.Don’t know why I love this sweet poison even if it scares me a lot..

He is the one who could go to his parties with me, not just easily but also with all his confidence. Even if I don’t do makeup and dress up well like other barbies out there, he is the one who loves to go with me, sit with me in public, in front of everyone. Not only introduces myself to his sister with confidence but fights for me as well. And there was a time, I used to dream about making him my just a good friend and I don’t find myself lucky enough to have him . Maybe,its just an illusion.I believe in his loyalty that he would never leave but I cant see myself deserving him till my death.So,maybe its just a spring in my life.And he deserves so much better than me.

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