Important Message to Me.

Well. Here I am in life. I am happy. I realized I am happy. I may not be happy as far as my religion goes but I am happy overall. I am finding my relationship with God. My relationship with Him is not like the next person and I just realized that. I was constantly holding back who I was. I was not happy because I gave into temptation everyday and I felt like I was a disappointment when in reality, I was changing who I was not for Him, but for those who follow Him. Aside from God, I was changing for my family. I knew who I was all along on the inside however I wanted to be different on the outside. I am not saying I have everything figured out. I am still confused on alot of things however I will discuss that later. I am finally free. Free of sadness, free of guilt (for the most part), free of the chains. God did not put those chains on me. I put them on and the devil had the key. I was going about life all wrong. Who knows, maybe I am wrong for what I am doing but it feels right to me. We will have to wait and see. If anyone is reading this, be happy. Do not worry what others will think. It will only drag you down and make you feel guilty about who you are. I want you to feel this freedom I feel because it truly is amazing. 

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