She and my emotions

To cut long story short, today i watched tv show called x factor and it made me feel so sad.. Well one of the judges told inapropriate comments to one participant which made her extremely nervous.. I cant explain what happened to me but after watching it i feel so down and somehow sad too…i have that girl on my facebook friends ..i have known her for some years before this x factor performance but i know only through the net and not i wrote to her and encouraged her as good as i could.. Lets see what she will tell me…

it’s unfair yes!! She sang really great and even if one of the judges didnt like it much , she shouldnt have told that comments in that way she did on live !! 

I dont know that girl well. And she absolutely doesnt know me..but i feel so much sorry for her becauce she was judged in unfair way. Please God give her a strength to make herself better and let her sing in final as great as no one will even be able to refuse amitting she’s one of the best !! 

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