University Guy is in trouble! Deep trouble!

Today a friend told me that just passing by 50 percent numbers isn’t enough.

That means I will have to drop one or two more subjects to prevent my GPA from going further down or else, bye bye University! Going to study now don’t have much time to write a detailed journal today.

Another thing made my L.A professor mad by asking why are we studying this specific equation as a programmer, where are we going to apply it! O this made her so mad! 

I used to ask questions when I got into university but somewhere along the way lost I lost myself. Specially after I was infinitely discouraged by another Professor from asking questions.

I decided yesterday that I’m going to be the person I was when I entered university. I’m going to ask questions no matter how trivial they were. Got encouraged by a Professor in the first lecture and discouraged in 4 lecture by another.

God help me!  

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