Weddings and such.

How do I choose a title when I can scarcely decide what to write about?  Seriously.  I can’t.  About my friends’ “non-wedding” wedding?  I mean it was nice and it was sweet but I seriously don’t understand.  If you’re married, you’re married, if you’re not, you’re not.  Anyhow…he really wanted her to marry him…but she didn’t want to because of some widow benefits she would lose, so they had a “commitment” ceremony.  Which I guess this is the 21st century and anything goes…and in some respects anything should go…but I don’t know seemed goofy to me. 

I don’t know maybe I’m jealous…maybe I want the BF to marry me…yet I really don’t want to get married…I don’t think.  I mean I’ve been married 21 years, and now divorced 21 years and I kind of like just being me.  Still again…sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me that I’m not the marrying kind?  Ah heck who knows.  I’m happy with my current relationship and I guess that is all that matters on this topic. 

As an after note, a p.s. if you will…the after party, reception or whatever that night was swell!  It was a the bomb, the cat’s pajamas, the  bees knees and all of that, ha, ha.  Had such a good time.  Up at the VFW in our little town.  Had a DJ and munchies…and a bar and I found a new cocktail…Captain Morgan and diet…hell yeah!

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