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My mother and I have been looking at apartments online recently. You know, because we’re moving to Texas soon. Mom wanted us to move to Austin, where my brother lives, but he told us via email that rent in Austin is pretty expensive, so we can’t go there–we have to move to a smaller town, a “college town.”

I honestly don’t know what to think of it, though. I hate small towns. I hate living in those places where everyone knows everyone’s grandmother and you’ll meet the exact same people every single day, and they’ll know all about you and everything you do, and gossip about you because you’re new there and they’re so cliquey in a small-town way. I hate small towns that seem like they never change, that will look exactly the same and move at exactly the same pace for seemingly eternity. I hate small towns that are next to the countryside, because I hate living in the countryside, I hate everything about the countryside but the fresh air and the pretty stars in the sky. I know I’ll hate the town we move to if it ends up being one of those towns, where everyone is overwhelmingly…traditional and…just…SMALL-TOWN.

Hopefully I’ll go to a bigger school. One with a good 2000+ people in it. I can’t stand the thought of going to one of those tiny small-town high schools where everyone knows everyone else and everyone’s already in one of those tight-knit gossipy small-town cliquey friend groups. I’ve been to a middle school like that and it was hell. I can’t imagine having to go to a high school like that.

And hey, the larger the school is, the more possible it is I’ll find someone nice to hang out with, right?

I don’t know, anyway. The apartment we’re choosing is probably going to be one-bedroom’ed, very small, and near a high and elementary school, with convenient transportation (which, according to my brother, is hard to find in a place as unfairly huge as Texas). My mom will have to find a job, and I’ll probably get a part-time one, to earn some college/phone/laptop money for myself.

I just wanted to rant about that today. I know no one feels the same way I do about small towns, I know that. I’m just weird that way. I’m one of those weird people who hate the small towns other people love, who hate “quaint” places and overly jovial neighbors.

Have a good Wednesday, and stay chill.

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  1. I hope you’ll be wherever you wanted to be. Anyway, I’m amazed cause you write really good. Have a nice day!

  2. I’m from a small town too in Korea and moved to a big city when I was 13 and grow up in the big cities ever since then. I’m with you how you feel about the small towns. I can’t see myself living in a small town. However, it might be safer and more welcoming to live compare to big cities. Maybe you can move to the big city when you go to college which coming up in couple years? 😉 Have a great day PrettyInBlack!

  3. No one is weird in this world, except a spitting lama! Remember that.

    Everyone have their own feeling about certain things. You for example don’t like to be the topic of conversation. That is all the reason you don’t want to live in any place small or go to anywhere small.

    Don’t be afraid, be strong. You don’t have to make clingy friends, make a couple of good ones. Don’t just pic your friends on the first day, observe the students around you, study them, make casual small talks, decide which ones will be best for you. Even then you don’t have to stick the ones you initially choose, if you observe well enough you will find it soon that if you are compatible with your current group of friends.

    If you don’t like the non changing environment then you have to become the change yourself. You will be the change in that place.

    Make good friends, your friends define who you are!

  4. He’s right, Austin is crazy expensive. There’s a town on the outskirts called (I’m serious) Pflurgerville, not sure if that is spelled correctly.

  5. I live in Austin.

    These “towns” arent that small

    Buda, Kyle, San Marcos, New Braunfels (beautiful), Pflugerville, Round Rock, Leander, Cedar Park, Bastrop
    Some of those above are larger areas but cheaper and I recommend looking for duplexes and/or trailers, small personal owner apts, etc. On

    Smaller but still ok-
    Lockhart, Maxwell, Martindale, Taylor, Hutto

    Good luck!
    Feel free to ask me anything I probably travel more in and around Austin then most normal people

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