ESTJ at work, ESFJ at home

Let’s talk personalities.

So the Myers-Briggs is a very accurate personality test. It is used by corporations to determine who would be qualified for what position, depending on where they are needed, and what personality they have.


This test was used by mine. Now, my company hasn’t moved me or told me where to go, but they had us take the test to learn how to harness our strengths and personalities to best succeed in our careers.

So let’s break it down.

I’m an E (an extrovert):

meaning I LOVE being around people. If I’m feeling honest with myself, I hate being alone. I hate silent car trips, quiet offices, and lack of communication. This doesn’t change when I’m at work, or home. I crave communication and people.


I’m an S ( for observant):

I see what’s in front of me. If I were more intuitive, I could see the meaning of an object. I guess the best way to describe it would be to picture this: imagine that in front of you is this raggedy old teddy bear. Well, that’s what I see, a raggedy old teddy bear. I see the ripped seams, the stuffing coming out, the worn bowtie around his neck, and I see that one of his button eyes has come loose. Well, if I were more intuitive, I would see what this bear represents: a close companion to a child, possibly passed down from mother to child, then from that child to their own. 


I’m an T, and I’m an F (a thinker and a feeler):

I can relate to people, I put myself in their shoes and I can’t help it. I come across emotional when there is something I’m passionate about, and sometimes logic can’t break through it. But on the flip side, I can think logically. I can make the hard decisions and come across cold when it is what is best for the situation (even if I feel like I’m dying inside). Imagine trying to fire a loyal employee who just can’t do their job. The thinking side would say to fire them, they aren’t performing their job duties and need to be let go. The feeler side wants to know why, after all, they have always been a loyal employee, maybe we need to give them another chance, and see if we can improve the situation.


I’m a J (a judger):

This sounds bad, but all it really means is I love organization. I like things to be tidy, organized, and clean. I like to make lists and follow them. On the flip side is prospectors, or people who aren’t as organized. We’ll go grocery shopping. A prospector would go in thinking about the sort of things they need, and while they would get everything needed, it may just take some back and forth. The judger will have a grocery list made, and go isle by isle to get everything on it.


Isn’t that cool? I mean, I have my strengths and weaknesses.


I hate criticism, man, I try and take it better but I am SO shitty at it. Sometimes I seem super needy, because I like attention and affection. I sacrifice my own needs, and often forget to put myself first.


But my strengths are what I’m going to depend on. 


I’m practical, warm, and have a strong sense of duty. I’m loyal and good at connecting with others.


There’s something empowering about knowing these things, I know it seems silly, but I feel like I’m holding my head up higher after this.

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