Excerpt from The Beautiful Truth

      Willie Lee was a diabetic black lady who lived in a nursing home which I visited regularly.  Because of her illness, she’d had to have one leg amputated.

      Her husband, Charles was blind.  He lay on her bed during the day, while she reclined in a kind of medical chaise longue. They listened to television together all through the day.  But when I came to visit, Willie Lee would turn down the TV so we could talk about God and pray together.

       Willie Lee had an expression I had never heard before.  It immediately snagged my heart.  One day she was talking enthusiastically about the goodness of God, and then finished with a graceful wave of her hand and the words, “Darlin’, it’s the beautiful truth!”

            I loved the sound of those words.

             Willie Lee had thirteen children.  I was never there when any one of them visited.  I can’t say that they didn’t come, only that I was not there.

              Yet Willie Lee never complained.  Not in my presence, anyway.  She seemed satisfied with her Jesus.

                 “Our Jesus, He love us all, all the time.  He do.  Darlin’—it’s the beautiful truth!”  I can hear it now, in her low, smooth, patient voice.  The words which first snagged my heart are now tenderly engraved upon it.

                      Thank you, Willie Lee, for the title to this book.

(End chapter One.)




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