Hot and sweaty

My lawyer finally emailed me today and mentioned that I had another court date this coming Monday and that I needed to send in paperwork today so he could have it by Monday.  I don’t know why he didn’t let me know sooner since he found out a few days ago.  I just have a super bad feeling about this guy.  I don’t trust lawyers anyways, it was mostly so I didn’t have to deal with that much paperwork and going to court.  So I have another week to sweat out my fate.  I’ve just had two days off and yesterday I actually got back on the treadmill since the accident.  I’m definitely a little sore today.  I’m glad I worked out yesterday because today I barely moved.  I’ve been watching reruns of American Horror Story on Netflix.  Maybe it’s depression or something but I’m just not real motivated to do anything today.  Plus, it feels like 100 degrees out.  At least I go back to work tomorrow and then my boyfriend is coming over and we’ll have Friday together before he has to work.  I don’t know what we’re going to do yet but I hope it’s something fun or at least it takes my mind off of everything going on.  I’m scared shitless about this upcoming court date because I’m probably going to get sentenced and find out how much jail time I have to do.  If I’m not constantly busy my mind goes crazy thinking about it.  I’m just tired of worrying and being stressed.  Makes me cherish the little moments where even for a second I can forget about this darkness that’s coming right around the corner for me. 

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