I suck at titles

 I wrote this epic first journal.  And of course the internet stuffed up just as I was about to post it.

And now it’s 3:06am and I started writing this to clear my head, get some things off of my chest.

And now I won’t go to sleep until I post something else. So here’s the gist of it:

I wanted to write in a diary. Because at 2:30am I thought it would be a good idea to help me with some things.

I didn’t have motivation to just write on some paper and never read it again. I see no purpose in that. So instead of that I decided why not put it out there? So other people can read my writings. 

Even if it’s just one person.

Even if it’s just a few words.

As long as its not completely pointless. I’m not here to be inspirational.

I’m a rambler. I don’t use correct punctuation or spell words right.

Who knows? This may be my first log, and also my last. Because I never stay committed to one thing for too long.

It’s 3:26am and it’s taken me this long to decide what to write.

But, it’s something. And I need that something right now.


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