my ex trashing me on social media. (I’m the girl in the picture)

“Can’t believe I fell in love with you. Ur a fucking cunt. Like get off your fucking high horse. You ain’t shit bitch. Ur so fucking pathetic. I’m glad were over. I cn do so much better anyway. thnks for the memories. Go fuck yourself. Bye.”

That’s what he wrote on his instagram.  No, this was neither of the last two sweet, exes I messed things up with. This is my terrible, dreaded, first love.

We started having problems super young. Like I was 14 and he was 15. I was never enough for him. I know guys will be guys and gawk at hot girls and watch porn. But ALL of his likes on social media were hot girls. Even when he was with me he would add girls who he didn’t know just because they were hot. One time, he was sending dirty pics to the ex before me. We broke up when I was 16. And I was broken. He was all I knew and he moved on in like 2 weeks.  A month later, he was cheating on her with me.

Long story short, they broke up. He dated another and it was the same thing. We were on and off in secrecy from 16-18. He also didn’t want anyone to know so he would tell our friends and his sisters that I was obsessed and psychotic. He couldn’t let me go but he wanted something new. When I started moving on he realized how good to him I really was.

So I let go of the guy I was starting over with and went back to the douche who trashed me on social media recently. But I didn’t immediately  take him back

But then I met ANOTHER guy. Long story short again, I played them both for about a year.  (I know, I know, not cool. But I just thought ‘if he can do it so can I…’)

But I fell out of love for the douche. It just happened. I still have feelings. but I’m not in love with him anymore. He’s toxic. It got to the point where he was showing obsessive behavior. He cut my name into his arm. Again, long story.

He moved to Florida with a girl he met. Too many reason why, but one was to get over me. He came back this January. And we were okay at first. But we ended up having sex and he started catching feelings again. I usually get wrapped up in those moments and tell him I love him even though I don’t mean it. I thought maybe it could work again but I realized I just didn’t want to be alone. Plus it wasn’t fair to be messing with his feelings. During all this he was trying to reconnect with a girl he used to get over me. But she wasn’t sure of him because he hurt her real bad and she was seeing someone else. But she still loved him.

He would message her NON STOP before she could even respond and she found it overwhelming. 

So she said she couldn’t do it. And so I told him why girls didn’t like him. Reasons I didn’t write here and at first he was agreeing but then when he saw I wasn’t falling for his “I’m trying to change” crap and started giving him attitude he starts getting angry and I basically tell him I don’t want to be friends with him and he gets so offended. About a week later, he  writes the instagram post.

Who’s pathetic? Me? Dude, you wrote a fucking post about me using my picture. You went on my profile and took a picture off of it and wrote a post about me. That’s one of the most pathetic things you can do. 

Luckily, most of our old and new friends are tired of his shit. I didn’t write him or retaliate. But I did take the screenshot of the post and put on my facebook. I didn’t say anything bad except the caption “How old are you.”

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  1. Yes, you both made mistakes, but who doesn’t? Dragging a very personal problem to any public social media sections is pathetic, and even more so since he did it “behind your back” (on HIS site, not yours). I think your reaction is the best solution possible, except for maybe ignoring this altogether.

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