My first entry

Tonight I go to sleep depressed trying not to cry holding a pillow wishing it was summertime next to me thinking about my friends wedding in a few days. I known her for about 5 years. I have feelings for her about every time I try she is with someone else or she brings up that she’s happy with our relationship and dont want to ruin it if we bake up. I have a feeling she kinda have feelings for me just how she act with me and talks to me not like a friend would. she worrys about me if I get sick or something happens to me and I do the same. we hang out more then her fiancé me her and him do hang sometimes. not as much as me and her I asked her couple times if she is making the right choice but she kinda avoided the answer. Well that’s it for tonight night and talk more tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “My first entry”

  1. Welcome, Lonelysoul. This is a super place to express your feelings freely. I hope your depression is very quickly over. And that summertime will comfort you.

  2. I understand the loneliness, I have lived with it for quite sometime. I thought if I could have a child I would not be lonely, so I adopted. I am not lonely as much anymore but I feel sad that there is not a man in my son’s life to show him how to do the things that I do not know how to do. Right now I am his biggest fan and he is mine but I am sure that will change when he starts getting into the teens. I hope for you things will get better and you will not have to be lonely anymore.

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