University Guy Drops Yet another Subject

Got into a fight with L.A Professor today. She had been threatening
us more and giving lecture less for a long time.

It wasn’t just a normal fight I went all out and she was like you
don’t threaten me, if you don’t agree with my methods then drop the
subject, to which I replied “Gladly”.

I don’t care if I would have to do an extra year to get my degree, I
am not going to study from Teachers like her.

Went to the office of Professor Faisal Bukhari. He was busy but but
as soon as we told him that we wanted to get an opinion on a robotic
design he got so excited. He asked what was our degree, me and two of
my friends replied IT, he got more excited.

He left everything he was doing for us.

IT students don’t normally do such complicated stuff like robotics

He guided us excellently and appreciated us. He also gave us a special
opportunity to attend paid classes in another famous private university
for one third of the original fee, if we wanted to attend them. He
encouraged us to attend them.

I am going to drop L.A as well. That means in seven days only two
days I will attend university.

I have three quizzes tomorrow and I am in a friends house right now
and there is no electricity.

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  1. Sounds like your future is very bright. I’m glad you’re out of the class with the abusive teacher. The new classes will open up so much for you. God bless you!

  2. Thank you savedbygrace and I pray that you be the best writer, mom and daughter.

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