I don’t want to start anything. I know once I do start I’ll get on a roll and be productive, but the getting started is what I don’t want to do. My mind is all over the place. As usual. I had a not so good bike ride last night. I was too anxious about leaving the kids alone. As it turned out S called me and said there was a stranger outside. My neighbor handled it and it was all benign, but still I couldn’t help feeling some mommy guilt. Someone once said to me guilt is a useless feeling – it serves no purpose.  It’s true – what can feeling guilty accomplish? I believe it is more important to head guilt off by acting on gut feelings. My gut told me not to leave the kids. And my gut was once again correct. Man my ADD is in full swing today! I am consumed with S’s ADD and what the next steps are for him. I haven’t accomplished anything meaningful at work. It’s going to bite me in the ass pretty soon. Especially with the way this company is growing. New people all the time. People that will likely get into the details more so than in the past. I want out of here more than I want to stay. I did some research on teacher assistant certification. I’m going to get it.  Doesn’t cost much. It looks to be an easy test.

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