Blue CCs

    Blue wakes up at 8:35am to the sound of her phone ringing at bedside. Like most mornings this is Blues daughter calling to awaken her for the day. Blue converses over the phone for a bit over an hour regarding things far grater than ” this” and “that”. By the time Blue hangs up the reciver Blues consciousness is brimming with profound notions around logic baised upon palpable nonsensical knowledge. Blue swiftly grasps the notepad and pin kept by her bed side for moments like this and scrolls out open ended ideas from subconscious to confusions. Suddenly the whimsical scrolls of Blues pin stops as she notices sublime beams of light cast from the sun dancing upon her notepad. Bleus eyes captures this caper s in five hundred and seventy-six megapixels. ‘Magnificent” Blues mind clamors as she scurries for her camera. Blue for a full hour captures this dance to pictures not so seemingly still. And it is now that muddy inspiration sweeps Blues noodle. Blue outsets to transform this mud to crystal the only way she knows how, pin and ink.

Blue is more than a photographer, more than a writer and even more than an artist.

Blue is a philosopher. 

Ink, paper,  cameras, notebooks full of words these are merely blues appliances.

Blue is a philosophical engineer.

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