Day 84 – Someone is moving to meet me?

Thursday, May 19th 2016

I’ve stayed home again, cause I’m still sick, but I’m planning on going tomorrow to catch up. I’ll have to do my science quiz, but I think I’m ready for the most part. Just need to be certain I know the parts of plant cells well.

I mostly talked with my online friend today (that I will name Senpai, cause he is), that is actually planning on moving to meet me, cause we really like each other and we want to see if things work out. I told him about the sort of small age gap, because he is three years older, but his birthday is in December, so for the most part only 2 years apart, and going into his second year of college and I in 11th grade and soon turning 16. Long term, it really doesn’t matter (we’re looking for a committed relationship and I know I’m still young, but we feel like it could probably work out, it worked out for some people, right? We’ll have to see), but for the time being, it’s just what others will think that I worry about. He said he didn’t care what others think. I also trust him, because I’ve been talking to him for two years now and he never pushed me to do anything other than singing (cause I keep claiming I’m awful, which I am, but he insists on hearing me anyway. I heard him sing a bit and he’s good, so I’m even more afraid to). He also said “I didn’t plan if things don’t work out”, so he must have good intentions, and he is also open to the idea of Christianity and agreed to come to church with me one day. Also, the first time I meet him, I’d be with Kohai in a public place, since she did want to meet him as well and for security, although I don’t think it’s really needed. Oh, and he also told me he has to learn how to speak French first, cause where I live, being bilingual is very helpful in getting a job. I just asked him about his college and he said he’s not too sure about that yet and will have to find out. Could be a game changer.

Other than that, I thought of Picolo now and then, especially when I wanted to take a Polaroid of him. I saw the Polaroid of Ti-Gris on my wall and remembered I never took one of Picolo and I feel so guilty for procrastinating. Also, whenever I think of him, it’s as if something is just missing. It’s a very weird and uneasy feeling. He’s there, yet he’s not. The best way I can describe it is as if you were somewhere and had this feeling something is missing or not right.

Change of note, my birthday is soon! Hopefully I won’t be sick. I really want it to be Monday, because for once everyone is available to come over. I did say I plan on going to school tomorrow, cause I feel slightly better today and I need to catch up. I don’t want to drag things into the weekend.

I’m gonna go talk with Senpai and try to find a song that represents him. He asked me if I had a song that represents me and the best I could find in my playlists is Heroes by Måns Zelmerlöw.

That’s all for today.

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