I can’t look back behind me. Always forward, never back and never straight. When I pushed the demons off of my shoulders I felt so light. Maybe I could fly. If I bent down to pick up a piece my throat clamped shut and my heart began to race. I needed to forgive you. I needed to let it go. I couldn’t do that with you. I had to be on my own.

Just so you know baby, I’m sorry for it all. I never intended to make myself your enemy. All I ever wanted was the great release. Failure, your failure, my mistrust. Things came to a head so fast. My head still spins. 

We did. We shed our skin. We let it go and now we fly together. I am content. I thought I survived, but now I realize it was never a war. I forgive. You forgive. Do we forget? I doubt it. Be who you were meant to be. Your light shines so bright that it warms even my toes.  Life your life for you. I’ll live for me. That’s how you love u conditionally.

2 thoughts on “Fly”

  1. Dear friend, I’ve been missing your journals for awhile. Now I think you were going through a traumatic breakup, that’s why. I’m so sorry for your pain. But inspired by your strength. Keep on being beautiful you. God bless your heart.

  2. Oh! No break up. Just a reflection on my relationship past verse present. The Man and I are quite solid.

    My disappearance was a more mundane thing. I broke my arm at work. I have nerve damage that runs from my elbow to my hand so for awhile I couldn’t open or close my hand or control my fingers (so typing was out of the question). Despite the injury I still worked, more even than before. So my free time has been very limited and my arm / hand haven’t been up to writing. I’m extremely right hand dominate & lucky me that’s what arm I broke.

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