It’s a God Thing…

It’s not a secret that I’ve had a rough year. I’ve ridden the biggest, scariest emotional roller coaster I’ve ever experienced. Somewhere along the way, as I was navigating the intense loops and deep valleys of said roller coaster I went from being someone who leaned completely into God, and had this incredible hope of what her life could be to a lonely, saddened, girl who submerged herself into a world of drugs, alcohol, and sex to try and escape the pain. 

I wrote about this struggle on a prayer card last week at Newlife, and was a little frustrated when it ended up in mom’s hands. I was really hoping that it would have just gone to the prayer warriors and my mother would have remained in the dark. But naturally, she worked her mama juju, and discovered my struggle. She called me the next morning, and asked me about it, and as a bit of a defense mechanism, I told her that all I wanted was prayer. Well, she must be praying hardcore because I called to reschedule a counseling appointment, and Amanda, the receptionist, said it must be a God thing, but I was on her mind the other day and she wanted to invite me to come to GU next week. It is a small group for college students at Living Water. This church must be something special because it keeps popping up on my radar. LOL. I’m incredibly nervous, but that’s kind of what this whole process is about, right? Stepping outside of my comfort zone to finally find the woman who has been hiding underneath all of these layers all along. Finally finding Kayle. 

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