Jack is bored

So this is an entry from the mysterious Jack she writes about all the time :3 

I’m not really good at this so if you’re reading this bear with me please


Whenever i’m with Sally she makes everything i do infinitely better and i would do anything to protect her even if it consisted of me giving up my last piece of pizza XD Yes I’d give away my food for her.  This is a little “thing” i’m writing to sally since i got the chance

Don’t let the miles between us keep our love apart

Just listen close and you will hear the beating of my heart

No distance will ever keep my heart from loving you

There are no more tears for it to weep, For a love that burns so true, It’s a love i share with you

I’ll be there with you one day soon to love you everyday

And my heart will sing a tune and you will hear it say

I finally found my one true love and as true as can be 

And now you’re all i think about with a forever spent with me.



Ok i’m done i’m gonna legit cry if write anymore so thanks for listening to a white boy rant like a white girl :3 <3 love you Sally, Jack misses you

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