Maybe three…

So I had two attacks today so that was very pleasant. My first one was in chorus I believe and the other in math. I’m kind of weird when these things happen. I simply place my hand over my heart and I don’t say a single word. I don’t know why I place my hand right there but is almost like a Band-Aid and my hand will take away the pain.

So today in chorus we watched literally my favorite childhood movie of all time. The movie is called ‘Bridge to Terabithia’. My wife happens to be in this movie. If yall don’t know who my wife is then I will tell yall. My wife is Annasophia Robb. I literally had the biggest crush on her and it always broke my heart when she died in the movie because that was like losing a piece of me. I seriously love that movie with all my heart and when my teacher told me that we are watching it I instantly lit up with happiness.

I have church tonight and I’m kind of excited. I don’t even know why I said “kind of” because yall know me and yall know that I’m excited. Church makes me happy. I can have a complete horrible day and one of the closets people in my life could die and even still if I went to church I would be happy.

Let me apologize right quick about this blog because it is very random. There isn’t any one topic like usual. Most of my blogs have something deep in it so let me just rant and be a little deep right quick. I promise it won’t be that bad.

So I still for some reason have these very deep thoughts in class and I try to not think about them but it happens and I can’t help it.

People say things to me that make me think wrongly of myself and I’m very self-conscious but nobody knows that. Like someone can call me a name or call me out on something and I will literally still be thinking about it a week later. I’m the same way with compliments in all honesty. If someone is honestly complimenting me and I know they are not joking then it will seriously be in my head for ages and I will love that person so much. Little do they know that they literally just made my entire week and they just turned my entire day around. The thing about compliments is I feel like people are being sarcastic and they don’t mean it at all. It kind of sucks but that’s who I am.


So I meant to continue that last night but it is now current day and I’m just going to combine these two days. Let me talk about today. I will sum it up in literally two words.

Today sucked.

So I have honestly come to the conclusion that I’m literally cutting off everyone except for like 2 maybe three people. Those people will know who they are because I will be talking to them. I’m not saying that I refuse to speak to everyone who tries to talk to me but I’m going to try and keep the conversations short and I’m not going to speak to anyone except those three people. I don’t really want to explain myself on why I’m doing this but I honestly just want to go back to my old self. I might be happier if I do this so I’m going to give it a try.


This weekend is supposed to rain and all it has done this week is rain, like it absolutely sucks. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain with a passion but not during school. All the rain makes me want to do is listen to sad music, write, and drink coffee. Sadly I can’t drink coffee so that’s not going to happen. I believe that I have told yall about a week or two ago that me and Cheyanne are drinking a gallon of water a day and we can’t drink anything else except on Saturday because Saturday is our off day. We have been doing really well on this little team challenge. I didn’t think we would last long but I surprised myself with the fact that we have made it this far and have no intentions on stopping. I’m not going to lie, I’m really excited for Saturday so I can get my coffee.


Well… that is about all for today. I will keep yall updated as I continue with my journey through life.

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  1. Enjoy that coffee! I wish I had your will power! Drinking a gallon of water—-wow!

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