My Background Day 1

Im a 22 year old Combat Veteran. I recently separated from the army. My life has been on a downard spiral for a while now and its 95 percent my fault. I never really understood how financial struggles could affect your life until i gpt in the army. My first mistake was not saving. If i had done that i wouldn’t be here right now. 

1. Im 20 at the time. Had just gotten my taxes and had a little money saved. I figure hey i should get a car. Instead of asking for help with the process. I go to a dealership and end up getting stuck with a 435 a month note plus 240 for insurance. At the time i was making about 1600 a month. Not too bad right, but of course i create more problems for myself. My uncle passed in ocotober of 2013. I didnt have the money to fly home so i had to take out a loan. Thats 100 dollars from every check. I got promoted not too long after. So im now making 2000 a month. I decided to purchase my moms a mother’s day gift. I also got myself a gold watch that i financed. That is about 150 out of my check every two weeks. So then i have to take out another loan just to get home, again. At this time my bi-monthly check is down to roughly 405. The loan takes out another 100 dollars from my check. Down to 305. So now im making 610 a month. Less than an E-1 in the army. 

Next entry will be in the morning. Ill finish up my background and tell you how i got to this point in my life.

2 thoughts on “My Background Day 1”

  1. Please dont feel bad, my boyfriend ive known him for 5 years and hes in the same situation. 24 and just got out of the army as of yesterday. Money has been tight. But please hold on. There are veteran groups that will help.

  2. I’ve noticed that all young people (and older, too) when they get money for the first time overestimate how far it will stretch. I did that. I thought my inheritance of $22,000 would last me forever. Gone in no time. I spent a lot on my married daughter and her husband who were expecting. Anyhow….don’t feel bad. You are not alone. You’ve learned something from this, and learning is the upside of mistakes. You’ll be all right. Check into the veteran groups mentioned above. God bless you, friend.

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