My week

I’ve had an intensive week! Last Sunday I went to another city to take an university test, that would allow me to get into that university (my dreaammm💓), then on Monday I recorded a hair really show on tv (thanks to my model agency)!, it was really nice! Then, on the another day I had a fitting for the runway that would be on the next day, then yesterday I went to have my hair and make up done for the runway!! And today, unfortunately I went to a funeral.

The father of our favorite teacher died, and we really love this our teacher, he is really our friend and we care about him a lot, so we decided to miss school and go to his dad funeral. It was in another city, so he was really surprised when he saw us, there were more than 20 students there, and it made him feel better! I just love my classmates ❤️ that’s all for this week.

Oh, I forgot, tomorrow I have another fitting, I’m gonna wear a Bride dress! Omg how cool is that!? I’m only 16 it’s gonna be the first time that I will wear a bride dress! Thanks it’s gonna be for the really show on tv, cause I don’t have any plans of getting married now!

Good night world

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