It’s all a bit surreal. I picked a date for my surgery. This is actually happening, and in just a short six weeks. It honestly felt like it might never happen. My first goal was April, then June, and it is finally scheduled for July. That feels so far away, and yet, it is going to be here before I know it. I have so much to do. When I first started this process in February, there was a ton of hoops to jump through, and then I played the waiting game. I waited for over a month for the surgeon and my insurance to connect and approve everything. So I haven’t had much to do as of late. Maybe that is why it suddenly feels like there is so much to do – I now have a deadline. 

    The biggest aspects weighing on my mind are lodging and travel. Primarily lodging as I have a budget of $600 for the entire time mom and I are down in Orange County, and I’m fairly certain you can’t even camp in Orange County for that cheap. Hopefully Darin has some connection and can get us an apartment or something. Once we have lodging figured out, I think I’ll be at ease a lot more. I’m just worried about all of this working out. Right now my to-do list is pretty erratic…and long, but this is what I’m good at. Organizing, accomplishing, getting shit done. I’m a pro. So let’s do this, Kaytee. You got it.


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